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LNGX milling cuter

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 10 Unit
Diameter 3 mm
Coating TiAIN
Length 6 mm
Material Carbide
Usage/Application milling
Condition New
Packing 10 insert 1 pocket
Colour Black/yello
Corner Radius Mm 0.4 - 1.6
Color Black/yello
Brand Pramet


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Artikelnummer: Y17017667

Artikelnummer leverancier: 250J08N-S90XN16N30

EAN artikel: 3603602955050

Leverancier: Dormer Pramet

EAN leverancier: 7320189000000

Productgroep: Schijffrezen

Productsoort: Schijffrees

Merk: Pramet

Type: S90CN(XN)

L: - mm

S: 24,5 ¸ 30,5 mm

Z: 16

H: 85 mm

Artikel ID: -

Diameter d: 250 mm

D1~mm: 71

S1: 30 mm

DH7: 50 mm

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Produktinformationen "TNMM 220412E-DR:T9315 Wendeschneidplatte Drehen, negativ von Pramet"

Die TNMM 220412E-DR:T9315 ist eine Dreieckform negative Wendeschneidplatte zum Drehen, mit einer Indexiergenauigkeit nach ISO-Toleranzklasse-M und Spanbrechern nur einseitig
1 Paket enthält 10 Wendeschneidplatten
Die wichtigsten Produktdaten auf einen Blick:

  • Hersteller-Nr. : TNMM 220412E-DR:T9315
  • EAN-Code : 3603603077560
  • r Radius: 1,2
  • f min: 0,30
  • Einfluss von Kühlmittel: Kühlung - Kühlung wird empfohlen
  • Kühlschmiermittel geeignet?: Ja
  • f max:0,72
  • ap min:2,5
  • ap max:7,3
  • a2:keine Angabe
  • a1: keine Angabe
  • kappa: keine Angabe
  • x: keine Angabe
  • w: keine Angabe
  • Gewindesteigung: keine Angabe
  • Gewindelänge pro Zoll: keine Angabe
  • a: keine Angabe
  • h: keine Angabe
  • HM-Sorte: T9315
  • Beschichtung: CVD
  • Farbe WSP: schwarz
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Artikelnummer: Y17015890

Artikelnummer leverancier: TN 16NR110BSPT:T8030

EAN artikel: 3603602908711

Leverancier: Dormer Pramet

EAN leverancier: 7320189000000

Productgroep: Draadsnij wisselplaten

Productsoort: Draadsnij wisselplaat

Merk: Pramet


L: 16,5 mm

D: 9,525 mm

S: 3,47 mm

Artikel ID: -

A: 1°47´

W: 1,2 mm

F maximaal: - mm

TPI: 11

X: 1,5 mm

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Still not found what you are looking for?
Overall Length
111 mm
Cutter Diameter
Diameter Tolerance
Number Of Flutes
Cut Length
Shank Diameter
32 mm
Shank Type


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Artikelnummer: Y17016809

Artikelnummer leverancier: RDET 12T3MOSN:8240

EAN artikel: 3603602885265

Leverancier: Dormer Pramet

EAN leverancier: 7320189000000

Productgroep: Positieve freeswisselplaten

Productsoort: Positieve freeswisselplaat

Merk: Pramet

Type: RDET

D: 12,00 mm

S: 3,97 mm

Artikel ID: -

F minimaal: 0,1 mm

F maximaal: 0,35 mm

Ap minimaal: 0,3 mm

Ap maximaal: 3 mm

ZVM soort hardmetaal: 8240

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räswendeschneidplatte für Vollbohrer Ø 22,5–26 mm

Schnittwerte für P Stahl:

Schnittgeschw. VC: 140–240 m/min.

Vorschub fz: 0,07–0,18 mm/Z

Schnitttiefe: – ap/mm

Schnittwerte für M Rostfrei:

Schnittgeschw. VC: 80–140 m/min.

Vorschub fz: 0,07–0,14 mm/Z

Schnitttiefe: – ap/mm

Schnittwerte für K Guss:Schnittgeschw. VC: 130–225 m/min.

Vorschub fz: 0,07–0,18 mm/Z

Schnitttiefe: – ap/mm

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Head Diameter      :      32 mm
Inside Diameter      :      25 mm
Length Under Head/Projection      :      48 mm
Outside Diameter      :      53 mm
Overall Length      :      53 mm
Series      :      EP
Type      :      Adjustable Standard


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Shrink Fit Holder

Shrink Fit Holder offers the right solution and clamping technology for all specific requirements. milling spindles ASME B5.50 distinguishes itself through its extremely robust design. 


  • ASME B5.50 steep taper interface
  • Clamoring available for standard fixer
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Product Specification

Color Silver
Spindle Speed Up to 12,000 rpm
Material Alloyed Steel
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number


Tools for both internal and external turning belong to turning products.

The tools for internal and external turning are part of Pramet Steel Age tooling range. Tools for negatively placed inserts with P and D (M) clamping and positive placed inserts with S clamping represent the basic offer. Indexable and adjustable heads as well as adjustable holders for special tools are also available. The tools for turning of railway wheels also belong to heavy turning segment.

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Tools for cutting off and recessing

Assortment of tools for cutting off and recessing. The offer of the tools for parting-off and grooving is gradually being enlarged. The older generation of indexable cutting inserts, suitable mainly for material division, is being replaced by new types for lighter operation of parting-off and grooving (LFMX) and for internal grooving and copy turning (LCMF). Similarly, the new 3025 grade with PVD coating proves successful as a replacement of well-proven 8030.

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PNMU Milling cutter

PNMU Milling Cutter :-

Description :-

Pramet Indexable Face Mill, Standard, Series: PENTA HD/S57PN13, 175.8 mm Cutting Dia, 63 mm Overall Length, 10 mm Maximum Depth of Cut, PNMU/PNMQ Insert, 8 Inserts, Insert Compatibility: PNMU-M/PNMQ, 40 mm Shank Dia, 57 deg Lead Angle, Right Hand Cutting, ISO Code: 160C08R-S57PN13, US 64010-T15P/US 68026-T30P Insert Gage Screw

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Face milling cutters

The assortment comprises tools for shoulder and slot milling as well as plain milling. The assortment of face milling cutters includes tools for shoulder and slot milling (?r 90°) and plain milling (?r 45° and 75°). You can find options for productive and general milling here. The assortment is completed with cutters for heavy roughing milling (?r 60° and 90°). There are face milling cutters offered from Ø 40 mm to Ø 315 mm according to size and type of indexable cutting insert.

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End milling cutters

The milling cutters with Weldon chunk, Morse holder or cutters with cylindrical shanks are placed in the section of end milling cutters. Even in case of end milling cutters we can find tools for shoulder and slot milling (?r 90°) and face milling (?r 45°) in the assortment. End milling cutters are available in diameters of 16 – 40 mm. If you look for milling cutters with round cutting insert you will find them in chapter Copy milling cutters. The tools with more than one line of indexable cutting inserts are in chapter Helical milling cutters and you can find modular cutters in chapter Copy milling cutters. 

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Copy milling cutters

Copy milling cutters The copy milling cutters are tools with indexable cutting inserts with round cutting edges. It is either fully round cutting edge (indexable cutting inserts for toroid or ball nose milling cutters) or partially round cutting edge (from HFC milling cutters to radius versions of ADMX 11 and ADMX 16 indexable cutting inserts). The segment of copy milling cutters includes shell-type milling cutters, milling cutter with helical shank, Weldon-type chunk and modular (screw) milling cutters

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Cylindrical milling cutters

The assortment of cylindrical milling cutters includes milling cutters for milling of deep shoulders and slots. Cylindrical milling cutters are determined for middle productive and productive milling machines. Milling cutters for milling of chamfering are newly placed into the assortment. The adjustment angles correspond to the angles, which are used for weld preparation most often. Cylindrical milling cutters with soldered cutting edges are also available for finishing operations.     

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Disc milling cutters

Disc milling cutter is one of the most productive milling tools. The innovated line of disc milling cutters is based on tangentially clamped indexable cutting inserts. Thus we can offer a productive and reliable solution for wider cut (adjustable milling cutters) and milling cutters for thinner holders (fixed milling cutters).

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Solid end milling cutters

A wide assortment of solid end mills cutters covers all areas of machined materials. There are versions for all milling operations from roughing to finishing operations including milling cutters with universal use. The most used types of milling cutters are available in several length versions. Clamping systems Besides classic systems of clamping there is modular system, hydraulic chunks and shrinkfit holders in offer. The standard assortment includes clamping elements for machines with short HSK 63 taper, with sharp ISO 40 and ISO 50 taper according to DIN 69781 or JIS B 6339 (MAS BT) and sharp ISO 50 taper according to DIN 2080. Besides the classic systems of tool clamping there are holders for modular system (cutters with exchangeable heads), hydraulic chunks and shrinkfit holders in the offer. Pramet offers other types of holders within complex mounting of a new machine.  

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Under the name adapters there are collect chucks with cylindrical tool shank for cutters and drills within the scopes of 1 to 5 mm, 1 to 7 mm and 1 to 10 mm and adapters and extensions for modular system. Advantage of the adapters is a simple use and clamping into standard holders.

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Accessories Assortment

The assortment includes reduction sleeves for hydraulic and mechanic chuncks, sealing plugs, clamping screws and spindle cleaning wipers. It makes a functional whole with corresponding holders or enlarges application possibilities e.g. use of internal cooling. 

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