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Facing heads

In addition to high-precision machining, there is a wide range of applications for KomDrive® facing heads, such as recessing, process turning or back chamfering. The area of application extends from premachining to the process turning of complex contours. For performance improvement, they can be operated at high speeds, without making any concessions in terms of precision or service life. A common feature of all KomDrive® facing heads is that the slides of the facing heads are actuated mechanically through precision ground serrated rack components designed with maximum engagement of the teeth. The radial stroke is limited through fine adjustable internal stops. In contrast to conventional facing heads, the NC-facing head rotation is driven by a central drive spindle.

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Mechatronics from KOMET

  The KOMET KomTronic® U-Axis system consists of a compact facing head with a single slide which is driven by a servomotor and a threaded spindle. With virtually unlimited programming capabilities, the KomTronic® U-Axis system provides a NC (numerically controlled) axis which dynamically modifies the tool position during the machining process, making it possible to produce complex contours on a standard machine tool. Consequently, the KomTronic® U-Axis system opens up processing possibilities which were previously unimaginable on a standard machining centre: reboring, reverse boring, chamfering and, above all, production of numerically controlled internal and external contours. Complex, high-precision workpieces can be fully processed on a single machine tool thus reducing production times and costs.     

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Komet Adapters

As the interface between the tool and the machine, adapters have a great influence on the result and the economy of the complete machining process. KOMET® tool adapters offer a comprehensive range for every requirement.  

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Thread milling cutter MGF HPC.

The new JEL® MGF HPC thread mill from KOMET delivers all the benefits of a high-performance thread mill, now with shorter cycle times than tapping in steels.

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Modular precision reaming system

With a uniform clamping system and a standardized separation point for all DIHART® reaming heads, the new DIHART REAMAX TS Plug'n Ream tool system offers maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Designed for high-speed machining, the high-precision connection ensures a reliable transfer of the torque which occurs during reaming and the concentricity required for precision machining.  

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Special solid carbide tools from KOMET

A global leader for highly engineered metalworking tools and tooling systems for hole making, the KOMET GROUP offers you a program of special solid carbide tools manufactured to meet your requirements. Our special solid carbide tools program is also backed by the tool refurbishment services offered by our licensed KOMET SERVICE Partners. The TOOLlife tool program gives you access to a comprehensive range of standard solid carbide tools for drilling, milling, threading, reaming, turning and countersinking. .

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RHOBEST diamond coated tools

The machining of FRP, CFRP and other composite materials poses unique challenges, both to part manufacturers and cutting tool manufacturers. KOMET has taken on that challenge and proposes as a solution the KOMET RHOBEST brand of diamond coated tools. This standard product range, consisting of drills and end mills, is specifically designed to achieve peak performance and tool life in composite materials, graphite, and aluminum alloys. This is achieved through the use of advanced nano-crystalline diamond coatings, optimized cutting geometries, and the careful selection of the best-suited substrate for each tool. .   

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KOMET Indexable Inserts

With KOMET indexable inserts and the corresponding tool range, the user has at his disposal an extremely capable concept for the machining of all types of materials. Indexable inserts from KOMET come in a huge range. The characteristics of the main features of the cutter geometry, such as the cutting angle, the formation of the cutter tip and the rounding of the cutting edge guarantee active cutting control, burr minimisation, perfect surface quality, high stability, optimum cutting force absorption and the possibility of machining all types of materials. .

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