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hss reamer

HSS-E NC reamer set :-

HSS-E NC Reamer Set


Machine Reamers - Morse Taper Or Parallel Shank-(Reamers)


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HSS drill bit A100


  • Brand : Dormer
  • Type : Drill Bits
  • Is It a Set : No
  • The A100.8 is a 1mm HSS Jobber Drill Bit with 118° point angle. Suitable for general-purpose engineering drills.


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Head changble drill

Hydra Drill Body :-

Product Description


The tools of dormer Tools for hole machining traditionally contain tools with solid STEEL BODY, the design of which has been adapted to achieve a better solidity of the tool. We can also offer you solid drills, which belong to very productive tools.



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Cobalt Jobber Drill



Drill Bit Size

0.0787", 2mm

Drill Point Angle






Cut Direction

Right Hand

Coolant Through


Flute Length


Overall Length


Depth by Diameter Ratio





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m adjestable dies

Dormer circular split dies can be u by hand or machinesed. Because the die has a split it can be adjusted slightly to provide a thread slightly smaller or larger than the norm. Metric Coarse Adjustable Dies. Application: For Production of components less than three times diameter in length. Tolerance: 6g Adjustable. Chamfer Lead: Two Threads. Surface treatment: Bright. Material: HSS - High Speed Steel. BS1127:1950.

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Ball nosed end mill

  • Solid carbide provides excellent wear resistance and improved tool life
  • Combination of helix angle and rake specifically designed for high speed machining of non-ferrous materials
  • Reduced neck prevents contact with the workpiece material when machining component walls
  • Primary for use on CNC machines
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mf machine tap spiral point

Code: 12155
Category: Taps
Type: M machine taps
Applications: click here
Hole: Passer-by cylindrical hole
Shank: cylindrical
Threading: M - ISO metric coarse thread
N° teeth in lead:
Tolerances: ISO2 (6H)
Coating: None
Material: HSS-Co
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Face Milling Cutter for copper

Straight Tooth HSS Side And Face Milling Cutter for copper 100x2.5 125x3


1.Polished.(white )
2.Steam-treated(black colour)
3.TiN-coated(golden colour)
4.TiCN -coated(Violet colour)
5.TiALN-coated(Black-Violet colour)
6.CrN-coated(Metallic-grey colou





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Double Angle Milling Cutter

Technical Specifications:

  •  Number of Teeth: 18
  •  Face Width: 1/2
  •  Coating: Uncoated
  •  Hole Size: 1
  •  Material: High Speed Steel
  •  Angle: 90°
  •  Cutter Diameter: 2-3/4
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Convex Milling Cutter

Technical Specifications:

  •  Circle Diameter: 1/8
  •  Coating: Uncoated
  •  Hole Size: 1
  •  Material: High Speed Steel
  •  Cutter Diameter: 2-1/4
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Right hand die


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HSS Machine Tap Set

Attribute Value
Set Type Machine Tap
Maximum Tap Size M10
Minimum Tap Size M3
Number of Pieces 6
Material HSS
Set Contents Spiral Points Taps: M3; M4; M5; M6; M8; M10


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Dormer A100 HSS Jobber Drill Bit

Dormer A100 HSS Jobber Drill Bit Number Size

A long standing product range in the Dormer catalogue, A100 jobber length drill bits are suitable use in the majority of general purpose engineering applications, whether used in machines or hand held power tools.

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Features & Benefits
• High Speed Steel
• Steam Tempered
• DIN 338
• 118° Point Angle

Solid End Milling Cutters

Flute Geometry:
2, 3 and 4 flute cutters to cover contouring (semi-finishing and finishing), ramping and slotting operations.

As such, they will be of particular interest to small/medium sized companies machining a varied range of workpiece materials,
across all industry sectors.

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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 10 Unit
Length 50-150 mm
Surface Treatment Bright Finish
Color Silver
Condition New
Material Tungsten Carbide
Brand Dormer


HSS Taper Shank Drill

Dormer A130 12.25mm HSS Taper Shank Drill

Product condition: New
Packing condition: Factory Packing


SKU: 201501270053
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Taper Shank Drills have a tanged conical shank to fit directly into the tapered holes of drill press spindles, driving sleeves or sockets.

HSC Deep Hole Drills

Deep hole drilling without the need for pecking up to 10 x D - reduced cycle time.. Deep hole drilling without the need for pecking up to 10 x D - reduced cycle time. High levels of productivity across a wide range of materials. Efficient chip evacuation, assisted by parabolic flute geometry and Smooth-Flow coating, results in continuous High levels of productivity across a wide range of materials. Efficient chip evacuation, assisted by parabolic flute geometry and Smooth-Flow coating, results in continuous production process.

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Drills for multi-material app

Multi-application high performance drilling across a wide range of materials Optimum combination of material and geometry ensures low material adhesion, resulting in increased performance and tool life. Tap geometry allows adequate flute space for rapid and smooth chip evacuation, meaning negligible chip congestion and, therefore, a continuous production process. Surface treatments provide great protection against wear and material adhesion.

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Short Spoting Drill

Provides spot location or chamfer for follow-up drilling operations. It is bright coating, high speed steel material with DIN 1897 drill standard.


  • Bright coating
  • 90 degree - 120 degree drill point angle
  • Din 1897 drill standard
  • High speed steel material
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Stub Drill Bit

  • Stub length, for the greatest stiffness of the various drill bit sizes
  • 130-degree point angle for centering and to reduce pressure on cutting edges
  • High-speed steel (HSS) containing cobalt is a combination of toughness and hardness, for use on drilling into hard substances
  • Aluminum chromium nitride (AlCrN) coating, to help reduce friction, for efficient chip removal, and to help extend tool life
  • Round shanks, for use on a variety of tool-holding systems
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