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Carbide Rotary Burr cutter

Carbide rotary burr :-

We have added several new material specific carbide rotary burrs to our assortment. 

The ST cut geometry is suitable for machining steels, while the VA design is for machining stainless steels. Available in a variety of shapes, both offer improved operator control and generate less temperature which, in turn, increases tool life. 

These latest designs offer improved performance and up to 50 per cent higher metal removal rates, compared to standard carbide burrs. 

In addition, the new GRP cut is for machining fiberglass and composite materials. 

Available with drill point and end mill styles, its design reduces splintering and improves entry and exit surface quality. 

To support the introduction, we have added three new sets to the burrs assortment. This includes five piece sets featuring the ST cut for steels, the VA design for stainless steel and a coated Double Cut set. 

Meanwhile, a new high speed cobalt (HSS-E) jobber drill has been launched. 

The A147 is primarily for machining stainless steel and titanium. 

Carbide Rotary Burr

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 100 Piece
Usage Metal Drilling, Wood Drilling, Well Drilling, Masonry Drilling, Woodworking
Weight 0.1 Kg
Material Carbide
Color Grey
Features & Benefits:
  • Cut Styles: Double Cut First choice for general machining Improves ease of control Increases metal removal rate Breaks swarf into small manageable pieces Aluminium Cut First choice for non-ferrous materials and plastics High helix and large flute volume for rapid metal removal
  • Shank: Toughened and hardened steel shanks Provides rigidity and strength Prevents bending and reduces vibrations Resulting in improved tool life Ground to h6 (carbide) and h7 (steel) for improved holding
  • Brazing: Special brazing elements provide excellent braze strength Excellent impact strength able to withstand high forces Able to withstand higher temperature without failing
  • Ball Nose Geometry: Skip flute grinding Increased strength at the center Reduced chance of swarf congestion Improved cutting action closer to the center
  • TiAlN Coating: Increased tool life in difficult conditions

Reduced friction improves swarf evacuation Helps resist "built-up edge" common with cutting tools with small flute volumes

Code Short Description Diameter Rate/Approx
P801 Rotary Burr - Cylinder without endcut 3.00 - 16.00 2106
P803 Rotary Burr - Cylinder with endcut 3.00 - 16.00 2322
P805 Rotary Burr - Ball Nosed Cylinder 3.00 - 16.00 2358
P807 Rotary Burr - Ball 3.00 - 16.00 1638
P809 Rotary Burr - Oval 3.00 - 16.00 2430
P811 Rotary Burr - Ball Nosed Tree 3.00 - 16.00 2106
P813 Rotary Burr - Pointed Tree 3.00 - 16.00 2358
P815 Rotary Burr - Flame 3.00 - 16.00 3447
P819 Rotary Burr - 90 Degree Countersink 3.00 - 16.00 1728
P821 Rotary Burr - Ball Nosed Cone 3.00 - 16.00 3591
P823 Rotary Burr - Cone 3.00 - 16.00 2502
P825 Rotary Burr - Inverted Cone 3.00 - 16.00 2394
P833 Rotary Burr - Cylinder with endcut 6.00 - 12.70 2304
P835 Rotary Burr - Ball Nosed Cylinder 6.00 - 12.70 2304


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